Date Place Event
03/27/2016 Centre Medem 3pm: Big Purim feast, organized by Aki Estamos in partnership with Al Syete.
03/26/2016 Centre Medem 8pm: Jean-Henri Blumen will present his play Mazel Tov, tout va mal. This will be followed by a recital by Michèle Tauber and Laurent Grynszpan.
03/25/2016 Farband 7:30pm: Purim Shabbat dinner.
03/24/2016 Maison de la culture yiddish 8:30pm: Purim Lider : concert with Yale Strom and Elizabeth Schwartz.
03/24/2016 Musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme 7:30pm: Contemporary visions of Purim. Introduced and moderated by Jean Baumgarten.
03/24/2016 Farband 3pm: Purim musical afternoon with the Marx Sisters, with Charles Smrodyni’s witsn, and with humentashn and other sweets.
03/24/2016 Cercle Bernard Lazare 3pm: Special Purim concert featuring Jacinta.
03/20/2016 Maison de la culture yiddish 2:30pm: Purim feast, with Marthe Desrosières and the Klezmorimlekh.
03/06/2016 Centre Medem 8:30pm: meet Nathan Weinstock who just translated into French the play Assuerus’s Play. Introduction by Ida Papernick and Léopold Braunstein.
Centre Medem 4pm (04/12), 5pm (04/11): exceptional performances of Yitsik Manger’s Megile Lider (Songs from the Book of Esther) on the occasion of the publication of its translation into French by Bernard Vaisbrot.
03/08/2015 A.A.C.C.E. 6pm: buffet-dinner on Sholom Aleichem’s Purim Shpil with storyteller Matthieu Rauchvarger.
08/03/2015 Maison de la culture yiddish 2:30pm: Purim feast with klezmer musician Marthe Desrosières and Klezmorimlekh.
08/03/2015 Cercle Bernard Lazare 14h30 : Aki Estamos et Al Syete organize a big Purim feast, including a puppet show, a costume competition and a merienda with the traditional Haman’s Ears.
07/03/2015 Centre Medem 7pm: Esther my love, Esterl mayn libè…! עסטערל מיין ליבע. A multilingual Purim Shpil in French and Yiddish with a touch of Hebrew. Also: video presentation (10’) of Arlequin in the Shtetl which will be premiered in June 2015.
03/06/2015 Farband 7:30pm: Purim-themed dinner.
06/03/2015 Maison de la culture yiddish 7pm: Shabes-tish (Shabbat dinner) with songs and costumes. With: Lionel Miller.
05/03/2015 Cercle Bernard Lazare 3pm: Purim Concert and Humen Tashn.
8:30pm: Elisabeth de Fontenay will speak of her bookLa Prière d’Esther.
Espace Rachi Homens Mapole (Haman’s Fall) : Purim shpil (in Yiddish with French subtitles) by Chaim Sloves (1905-1988).
Adaptation and stage direction by Charlotte Messer.
Music by Marc Alberman.
06/22/2014 Carreau du Temple Forum of the Jewish organizations :
project presentation.
06/16/2014 several sites Jewish cultures festival :
Queen Esther Day.
03/16/2014 Maison de la culture yiddish Purim Holiday (starts on the night of the 15) :
Reading of the MegillahBook of Esther. by David Roskies.
03/15/2014 Centre Medem – Arbeiter Ring Purim Holiday (starts on the night of the 15th) : Michèle Tauber et Lise Amiel-Gutmann.
12/12/2013 Paris City Hall Presentation of the project to the public